Pet Portraits

Portraits of your pets that will bring you joy for years to come.


Why do you need pet photography?

They are Family

They are your fur babies! You cherish them. Our pets don’t stay with us as long as we want them to…it’s just a fact of life. Getting professional portraits taken of them throughout their life ensures that you have a visual reminder of your relationship. You’ll have art around your home that will bring you joy and smiles every day, and help heal your heart when they are gone. 

What my Clients Say



I attend in-person and digital conferences and classes every year to keep my skills sharp and ensure I am up to date on the latest trends and techniques. That means awesome photos and an amazing experience for you!

Specialized Skills = Incredible photos

• educated in how to read animal behavior

•working with shy and fearful animals

• how to approach photographing different species to get amazing results

•how to work with challenging situations (black fur, end-of life sessions, wiggly pets, etc.)


I’ve been photographing pets for over a decade. I’ve seen a lot of stuff!

My goal is to put you and your pet at ease, allow them to feel safe, you both to have fun, and then we watch the magic happen!


The Experience

I’ll get some info from you ahead of time to make sure we set ourselves up for success. Once we are at the session, I’ll take some time to get to know your pet, (and you) and let them know I am a safe person, and that we will have some fun together (and usually some treats!) We’ll have a great time capturing some incredible photos. Then, I’ll bring you into the studio to see the photos and all your choices for gorgeous art for your home or office!

The Studio

Pet Photography locally available in Kansas City Metropolitan area, Jackson County, Johnson County, Clay County, Platte County, Cass County, and more. Melissa is also available to travel.