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The Ultimate Senior Experience

It’s time to have FUN! Be an influencer!

Fabulous photo shoots with friends! Once-in-a-lifetime experiences with images to share!

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Why the Model Team?

We provide students and their parents with an incredible, elevated experience and gorgeous photos that leave them feeling confident and excited.

Participants can sign up as sophomores, juniors or seniors.

What's in it for YOU?

  • Exclusive group photo shoots. You’ll get access to exclusive photo shoots during the year. Participate in as many as you’d like! Some examples include: heyyy, wait…I’m not telling you that here! Inquire with Melissa if you want to know about all the creative ideas! 😉
  • An app to share your images from the creative sessions. I encourage everyone to be active on social media during the shoots, especially team shoots! (Show people the amazing time you are having doing these once in a lifetime photo shoots!)
  • Hair & Makeup, if you choose.
  • Amazing senior portraits
  • Opportunities to give back (we volunteer together as a team)
  • Homecoming & Prom photos at the studio for you, your friends and dates (subject to date availability)
  • Professional guidance on posing (I walk you through it all!)
  • Boost confidence while having a blast
  • Non-photo activities as a team, just to have fun and cultivate new friendships
  • Make new lifelong friends while you have adventures and unique experiences on a safe, supportive team


Tell your friends, and be models together!
Because fun is always MORE
fun with friends, right?

Behind the Scenes Senior Photos

Behind the Scenes

FAQ & Details:

• What does it cost? Being a part of the the Model Team costs $149. This is paid when you join the program. (If you join the program as a sophomore or junior, you pay the $149 each year.)

• To participate in the program, you are required to have your senior portraits taken with Melissa McGee Photography.

• What if I decide this isn’t for me? You can cancel from the Model Team at any time. You forfeit the money paid, and I delete the images. 

• How do I get started? Click the “sign me up” link below to let me know you want an application, and that’s you’ve discussed it with your parents. Then, I’ll send you an application!