I’m Melissa, owner of Melissa McGee Photography! Read below for a snapshot of why I do what I do! I can't wait to meet you!

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About Melissa:

The Artist Behind the Lens

I’m Melissa, and I’m am a portrait photographer based in the Kansas City area.

I’m an artsy gal, who loves pretty much all things colorful and creative. I particularly love being able to capture the essences of people and animals, their personalities, and their relationships in camera. That’s why you’ll see lots of pictures of laughing, playing, or gazing intently in my portfolio.

I try to make sure your session is just as memorable an experience as the images that result from it.  My sessions are stress-free and fun, and allow my client’s personalities to shine through. Overall, my goal is to create a unique, memorable session experience that results in images that bring back wonderful memories and warm feelings every time you look at them. In my sessions, I try to encourage people to be authentic and true to who they are, because I believe we are each created uniquely, and for a purpose. I find that people are at their best-beautiful and amazing-when they are true to that self, and embrace the chance to show it off to the world!

I choose to be a photographer, everyday, because I want to show people what I see, and I want them to know that they are seen. Not just visually seen, but really SEEN. I want my clients to know that they are more than what they feel they are on any given run-of-the-mill “everyday”. They are more than just a finger-paint covered kid, a nerve-frayed momma, an overworked parent, a self-conscious teenager, a lonely pet in a cage in a shelter. They are truly unique from anyone else in this world, and they are that way for a reason and a purpose, and THAT is beautiful. THEY are beautiful, amazing and worthy of being remembered and treasured.